The Mediterranean sea was for thousands of years the home of the largest empires that dominated the world. It has been rich in ancient and complex history both LIBYA were the scene of the oldest civilizations of mankind. Amazigh(Berbers), Numidians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Vandals, have taken turns to occupy the territories and their legacy is still a dazzling world of cultures.

Besides, LIBYA has a significant number of National Parks and Nature Reserves to be discovered with our specialized guides and experienced trackers.

Along with these treasures, LIBYA reveal a wide range of touristic products related to business with absolute pleasure. Luxury spa, golf for beginners and professionals, event tourism, yachting, Saharan expeditions… TAZA Travel & Tours also deals with special cases of study tours to benefit students of all universities in the world.

In LIBYA we will visit the memorious Tripolitania, Cyrenaica,Adrar n Infusen(Nefousa Mountain), Leptis Magna, Sabratha, Ghadames, Akakus, Apollonia, Ptolemais, Ghirza … and the golden Sahara.

Among our programs also is to explore the noteworthy rock arts area where we enjoy the exceptional engravings of Wadi Matkhendoush, the cave paintings of the Akakus and its well-known wonderful mountains .. In addition to that we will discover the amazing salt lakes changing colors of Erg Oubari with their enjoyable landscape of the giant sand dunes…

Moreover, we will admire the most beautiful mosaics of Roman Africa in Libyan museums: such as of Tripoli, Leptis Magna, Ghirza, Gasr Libya and Cyrenaica…

Both, ancient Tripoli are medinas that worth visiting.

By browsing this website you will find a non-exhaustive sampling of our programs. We are also available for your requests “à la carte”.

The direction of TAZA Travel & Tours will be very pleased to welcome you at the airports of Libya and ensure the smooth running of your stay.